EPIQ Introduction

EPIQ Infotech is a leading cloud consulting company that specializes in providing advanced AWS and Azure services for enterprise-level applications and cloud solutions.

We offer end-to-end solutions and services including consulting, implementation, migration, integration, managed services, and DevOps as a service. Our team has extensive experience working with large international corporations such as FOXStudios, SONY, Disney, and many more; supporting their global offices in projects that require the latest and most advanced cloud support skills.

With a deep understanding of business processes trends and best practices, we are well-equipped to help our clients achieve their goals and drive their businesses forward.

Whether you are looking to optimize your current infrastructure, or migrate to a cloud-based application, EPIQ Infotech is here to help.



The Challenge

In this project, our client was experiencing delays in application response time and high costs associated with their RDS, EC2, and network usage.


Our Approach

We evaluated clients’ existing infrastructure, understood their application architecture and requirements, and implemented several changes to improve performance and reduce costs.


The changes implemented by EPIQ Team

  • Implemented multi-account strategies to better organize the customer’s infrastructure and restricted access for the development team.

  • Creating tag policies to align AWS resources and billing with the customer’s organizational structure.

  • Migrated non-production instances to different accounts and restricted user access.

  • Upgraded instances to the newer generation and switched to AMD processors and low-cost SSD volume types.

  • Migrated Instances and RDS instances to a region closer to the customer’s major user base.

  • Configured budgets and alerts to help the customer stay on top of costs.


With EPIQ’s Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies, our client experienced significant cost savings plans; 98% utilization of cost savings, a 90% reduction in EC2 on-demand cost, a 36% decrease in RDS cost, 87% reduction in network cost, and 92% decrease in volume cost.

As a result, our client saw monthly savings of $4000 to $8000 within three months.

EPIQ also assisted the client in setting up industry standards tagging policies enabling better analysis, improving cost understanding, and fostering a cost-aware culture within the team.