AWS Cost Optimization

Whether you are looking to optimize your current infrastructure, or migrate to a cloud-based application,
EPIQ Infotech is here to help.


The Challenge:

In this project, our client was experiencing delays in application response time and high costs associated with their RDS, EC2, and network usage.


Our Approach:

We evaluated clients’ existing infrastructure, understood their application architecture and requirements, and implemented several changes to improve performance and reduce costs.

The changes implemented by EPIQ Team:

  • Implemented multi-account strategies to better organize the customer’s infrastructure and restricted access for the development team.
  • Creating tag policies to align AWS resources and billing with the customer’s organizational structure.
  • Migrated non-production instances to different accounts and restricted user access.
  • Upgraded instances to the newer generation and switched to AMD processors and low-cost SSD volume types.
  • Migrated Instances and RDS instances to a region closer to the customer’s major user base.
  • Configured budgets and alerts to help the customer stay on top of costs.



With EPIQ’s Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies, our client experienced significant cost savings plans; 98% utilization of cost savings, a 90% reduction in EC2 on-demand cost, a 36% decrease in RDS cost, 87% reduction in network cost, and 92% decrease in volume cost.

As a result, our client saw monthly savings of $4000 to $8000 within three months.

EPIQ also assisted the client in setting up industry standards tagging policies enabling better analysis, improving cost understanding, and fostering a cost-aware culture within the team.