AWS Cloud Migration Services for Robust Transformation

Get seamless migration to the cloud.

EPIQ is an AWS cloud migration consulting firm and has proven capability to migrate various complex architectures to the cloud. If you want to achieve the benefits of cost-efficiency, agility, and scalability, then moving to the cloud is the first and foremost step. Understanding the difficulty of AWS migration, our team of cloud migration consultants will look after you in your journey of cloud migration.

Cloud Migration Consulting Services:

Swift and agile AWS migration at zero data loss.

We consult businesses for migrations with minimal interruptions and near-zero downtime. EPIQ is one of the premium AWS consulting partners, trusted by AWS to migrate your infrastructure to the AWS cloud. Moving to the cloud is a vital step in digital transformation for any business. But the migration involves multiple decisions to be taken and the budget to consider. This is why you will need EPIQ for our expert migration consulting services. Our team of migration consultant specialists will help your company execute a streamlined cloud migration. We will work with you and evaluate your needs and provide you with a precise AWS migration solution.

Reliable AWS Migration Services

We are known for AWS migration expertise.

Our AWS cloud migration services will allow you to make the most of the cloud including the scalability, provided by the cloud migration while enhancing your workflow performance and reducing IT costs. Once the migration process is completed, we will provide you with your company’s ongoing maintenance and support.

EPIQ’s AWS migration services are active in making our client’s workflow process simpler, improving the security of the overall system. Our data migration consulting services are specially designed to meet your needs. Our ultimate goal is to be your trusted AWS migration services partner providing you with expert AWS cloud migration services.

Cloud Deployment Services

EPIQ will quickly and easily deploy the application workloads across the off-premises and the on-premises environment. We integrate with your existing systems and applications in your data center. EPIQ offers you the strategy and roadmap to make your decisions easier like the best use of the cloud for your organization. Our cloud deployment services include testing of all the functionality at a high load.

Whether you have started or yet to begin your journey of AWS migration and deployment, EPIQ consultants are here to support you throughout your journey of migration. Deploying any cloud application is not just an IT project. To meet the demands, we propose promoting digital transformation Deployment of the cloud production and test environment is equally important for your business to ensure your long-term success:

  • Strategize – Initially, we define the scope, build sponsorship, and plan your support models and training.
  • Launch – Later, we deploy services and execute our support model and communication plans.
  • Expand – Our expert team will manage all the support operations.
  • Succeed – We will now major adoption progress and promote our success stories.

Store Your Data With The Utmost Security

Data Lake architecture is your next big data.

A data Lake will allow you to store all your data at any scale. You will be able to store your data exactly the way it is. To guide better decisions depending on the needs and requirements of the business, any organization will require both a data lake and a data warehouse. Data lake architecture will store your data from a line of business applications and mobile applications and social media. The data lake will allow you to import any amount of data that comes in real time. Our cloud migration consulting services will ensure the safety of your data at the utmost priority.

Why Choose EPIQ As Your Migration Consulting Partner?

Work with the best team of AWS consultants.

Our highly experienced cloud migration consultants will help you to execute seamless migration of your data, so you enhance business agility, improve the performance of your applications and increase the transparency in maintenance cost. Also, EPIQ’s AWS cloud migration services will help you with business and IT alignment, accelerate the migration of infrastructure to AWS, tool selection and also improve workforce productivity. We start with auditing and assessing your existing IT framework and only then create migration recommendations according to your parameters. The EPIQ team transfers your data to AWS only once we receive your approval and thoroughly test the security and functionality. Our experts in the AWS cloud migration consulting team will help you achieve all the benefits of the cloud.