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“Elevate Your JD Edwards Experience: Optimize, and Thrive with EPIQ’s excellent JD Edwards Managed Service!”

Digital Transformation

Follow the trend and transform your business process digitally today.

Elevating Business Excellence: Exploring the Power of JD Edwards Through Complete Integration with Amazon Web Services for Unparalleled Digital Transformation.

Your organization can be transformed digitally with the assistance of EPIQ’s expert Amazon Web Service (AWS) team, which also makes the entire process smooth. We collaborate with your team and the selected APN member to complete your enterprise cloud computing initiatives.

The JD Edwards ERP system has seen substantial investments from Oracle. One of the powerful digital platforms is JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, which enables you to take advantage of your current JD Edwards purchases, transition into a linked-together, flexible, and real-time business, and establish yourself as a digital business excellence that makes use of technology to increase efficiency and earnings.

How will Amazon Web Services help your business transform digitally?

To accelerate your transition to a contemporary digital organization, AWS Enterprise Transformation offers products, programs, and guidance. AWS uses your cloud computing achievements to further your corporate objectives.

AWS provides customized options for enterprise use cases, assistance with creating independent transformation strategies, and a complete business transformation experience.

AWS offers versatile and flexible computing power that is available to meet customers’ requirements. This enables your company, regardless of whether it is expanding or managing shifting workloads, to quickly adapt its IT infrastructure to meet changing needs.

Transform your business with the assistance of EPIQ, empowering JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

EPIQ’s experienced consultants specialize in empowering business processes with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP software.

With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you have access to powerful reporting and analytics tools. If you want to acquire insights from your data and enable data-driven decision-making and performance improvements, EPIQ can assist you in maximizing the power of these resources.

Digital Transformation via AWS cloud framework.

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework was developed by AWS Professional Services to assist businesses in creating and implementing efficient strategies for their cloud adoption journeys.

Customer Experience

JD Edwards improves customer experiences with new and enhanced offerings and helps you transform your business digitally.

Enhance your cost optimization and operational efficiency.

Your business's operational effectiveness and cost optimization will benefit from a migration to the AWS cloud.

DevOps Automation

AWS offers DevOps tools and techniques for automation, continuous development, and ongoing delivery (CI/CD) of business processes.

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