Gartner Report 2023 : What Motivates Businesses to Select A NetSuite ERP

Gartner Report 2023 : NetSuite ERP

Businesses every day face new challenges, and on-premise systems are sometimes overwhelmed by the array of issues. Nowadays, the rational thing for businesses is to migrate from traditional on-premise to cloud-based systems, but one question is always lingering in the minds of business executives: Is cloud ERP the best suitable solution for their organization?

Let’s explore why NetSuite is regarded as a pioneer and the best option by Gartner analysts and NetSuite users for cloud financials.

EPIQ Gartner NetSuite Report 2023

Flaws in the Premise Based ERP solutions.

Legacy systems are typically not well-integrated with modern technologies, leading to a patchwork of disconnected systems and databases. This lack of integration can hinder data flow and communication between different departments and systems.As businesses evolve and expand, premise based ERP systems can struggle to keep up with changing needs and requirements. This could lead to the necessity for more adjustments and workarounds, which would further muddle the current situation of innovation.

Because they could not be scalable or flexible enough to adjust to shifting market conditions or quickly growing operations, older technologies can be a hindrance to a company’s capacity to grow.

NetSuite can increase a company’s competitiveness by offering a single platform for managing several business functions including customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and finance.

NetSuite- First cloud-based ERP in the world

Being the first cloud-based ERP in history, NetSuite offers a harmonious symphony of processes within a single, fully integrated system, revolutionizing the corporate management environment.

From the comprehensive capabilities of ERP, the precision of Financials, the artistry of CRM, the dynamism of Ecommerce, NetSuite transcends convention, the finesse of Professional Services Automation, to the meticulousness of inventory control. It’s not just cutting-edge; it’s the pioneering masterpiece—the world’s first ERP crafted exclusively for the cloud, a testament to unparalleled innovation in the digital age.

NetSuite Worldwide Usage by Companies

The innovative cloud-based architecture of NetSuite, designed from the ground up for unmatched scalability and agility, sets it distinct. This forward-thinking architecture gives companies the freedom to grow limitlessly in the future. Businesses may function with unlimited flexibility by utilizing NetSuite’s real-time data, allowing remote work to occur anytime, anyplace, across a spectrum.

Recognized for its extraordinary adaptability, NetSuite is a very versatile platform that provides a wide range of critical features that are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies in a variety of industries.

The innovative cloud-based architecture of NetSuite, designed from the ground up for unmatched scalability and agility, is what makes it unique. This forward-thinking architecture gives companies the freedom to grow limitlessly in the future. Enterprises may function with unlimited flexibility and enable remote work across a wide range of locations and times by utilizing NetSuite’s real-time data.

NetSuite Benefits –

Unified Business Platform:  To help companies to simplify operations and minimize the separation of information, NetSuite provides a single, integrated system that integrates several crucial company processes, such as ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and more.

Real-time Data: You may be more agile and responsive when you have access to real-time information and can act quickly to make well-informed decisions.

Customization: As a result of NetSuite’s outstanding level of adaptability, companies can customize the programme to meet their unique requirements and those of their industry.

Financial Management: Advanced financial tools offer in-depth reporting, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities, ensuring robust financial control.

Support and Updates: Continuous updates and support services ensure that your software remains current and efficient, minimizing downtime.

Cloud Business Solutions Ranked by Gartner

According to the most recent survey, Netsuite has led the way in cloud-based core financial management for all sizes of businesses over the last two years.

  • One of the top leaders in a crowded field of rival software products is NetSuite.
  • The sole service provider that works with companies of every type in all areas is NetSuite.
  • More people use cloud financials with NetSuite than with any other product in the region.

Gartner maintains that NetSuite is the complete solution with a comprehensive cloud-based business management suite for finance, accounting, billing purposes, accounting for revenue, management, risk and compliance, worldwide reorganization, and more, when compared to a small number of rival software solutions.

Managers have a vision that defines the market for how bringing key financial management systems and procedures online may enhance and assist them.

They combine this with an obvious ability to carry out this goal in terms of goods, services, and marketing plans. They are well-established in the industry and are increasing their earnings and market share. Leaders in this sector consistently close agreements with businesses of all sizes and exhibit a high level of functionality in all areas of fundamental financial management.

Managers usually support general market specifications in order to address an extensive customer. But they can fall short of meeting the precise requirements of specific industries in particular or of other, specialized domains.

Is NetSuite expensive?

The multi-currency and multi-language features of NetSuite can support global expansion and even create fresh streams of income.

Despite the fact that NetSuite may have an upfront cost, its many advantages can result in cost savings, increased productivity, and revenue growth. When considering NetSuite as an investment in your company’s long-term viability and growth, it turns out to be a worthwhile rather than costly solution.

Final Verdict: NetSuite provides businesses with a wide range of benefits, allowing them to leapfrog their way to success through its numerous benefits. NetSuite is key to enhancing efficiency, boosting productivity, and ensuring your organization's growth in every aspect. For companies looking for accuracy, scalability, and cutting-edge capabilities, NetSuite is the obvious choice due to its strong technical advantages, which guarantee a competitive edge in the market today.


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