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Digital Security

Keep your business safe from external threats with JD Edwards ERP and Amazon Web Service Security. TRUST, SECURITY, AND INTEGRITY IN MOTION

Fortify Your Enterprise: Safeguarding Business Integrity with JD Edwards ERP and Amazon Web Service Security offered by EPIQ

Amazon Web Service AWS is the most adaptable and secure cloud computing environment at present, and it will offer you the control and assurance you need to effectively manage your organization’s business processes. You can benefit as an AWS customer from its data centers all over the globe, and its network devices are designed to safeguard your data, identities, apps, and hardware. You can significantly increase security and compliance with the help of AWS. We at EPIQ will assist you in implementing or migrating to AWS, which will help you protect your sensitive data.

A system administrator for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne security can manage security for both specific individuals and groups of clients. Correct security configuration guarantees that users in the system are only permitted to conduct tasks that are necessary for them to finish their employment. Object-level security is implemented by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. This level of protection allows for flexibility and integrity in your security by allowing you to secure objects within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Why is the JD Edwards ERP system good for your organizational IT system security?

In terms of institutional security Data encryption, permitted permission, and user access control are just a few of the strong security features that are built into the JD Edwards system. These safeguarding measures assist in minimizing the danger of unauthorized access by guaranteeing that only authorized employees can access sensitive information and carry out particular duties.

Centralizing data management by JD Edwards offers high security for sensitive data and classified information that is stored in a controlled environment. As a result, the risk of data fragmentation is lower, and it is simpler to adopt uniform security measures throughout the company.


How does AWS offer strategic Security to customers business processes and IT infrastructure?

AWS was developed to support you in creating durable, productive, secure, and cost-effective application infrastructure. Our AWS security experts keep an eye on infrastructure and develop, maintain and operate a wide range of cutting-edge security services that can make it easier for you to comply with your own security and compliance needs.

AWS security services emphasize delivering top notch significant strategic advantages to help you adopt the best security for your company.

Identifying User Permission for AWS Cloud Migration

For an effortless and organized AWS adoption strategy, define user permissions and identities, infrastructure protection, and data protection procedures.

Network and Infrastructure Security

Network monitoring was created to find and safeguard your resources from illegal or unauthorized traffic in AWS.

Host and Endpoint Security

Our experts will identify and stop malware and other dangers on your host or operating system, including other systems such as EPP,EDR, HiDS,FIM,and AV.

Data Protection and Encryption

leverages encryption, user activity analysis, and content identification to help protect data.

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