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EPIQ is the Authorized Oracle NetSuite Partners in India and offers NetSuite ERP-CRM Solutions, NetSuite Licenses, and NetSuite Support Services. We are based in the USA and India with a range of portfolios across Canada, UAE, and Africa.


India NetSuite Partner for Implementation, Consulting, and Support

Epiq is the preferred Consulting and Implementation Partner of NetSuite. Specializes in NetSuite Implementation, Integration, Consulting, and Managed Services.


NetSuite is one of the most rapidly expanding and well-reviewed cloud ERP applications for small and medium-sized businesses. NetSuite’s more powerful modules, such as its CRM (Customer Relationship Suite), Unified Business Management Suite, Global Business Management, Human Capital Management, Warehouse Management, Strategic Procurement, Supply Management, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, NetSuite SuiteSuccess, and Transformative Accounting Software, are the primary reasons it surpasses other cloud-based systems.


With 15+ years of experience as a NetSuite services provider, we are committed to providing clients with comprehensive support within the NetSuite ecosystem, ensuring optimal utilization of its features. 

Utilizing our technical expertise, we create customized solutions that perfectly fit your industry’s demands and follow your business’s established practices and guidelines. We can facilitate effectively integrating your varied existing systems onto a single NetSuite platform, allowing for future expansion and growth. 

NetSuite Implementation

Our NetSuite specialists assist with a timely implementation that includes data management, and integration of various systems. Making sure to go live as soon as possible to maximize ROI.

NetSuite Evaluation

Fine-tuning and enhancing your NetSuite setup for improved efficiency and effectiveness.Our NetSuite experts use industry best practices to optimize workflows and maximize the overall productivity of your business.

NetSuite Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability for your NetSuite system, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with confidence.

NetSuite Customization

NetSuite solutions can be customized to meet the business needs, and special features can be added for a more personalized user experience. Specifically crafted solutions that perfectly match your changing company needs are ensured by our committed NetSuite experts.

What is Oracle NetSuite ERP?

The NetSuite ERP platform is a top-tier enterprise resource planning platform that offers a variety of add-ons, industry-specific modules, and third-party integrations. As a leading cloud ERP software, it automates business processes across 200+ countries to enhance productivity for over 37,000 trusted customers.  


Oracle NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive cloud-based solution, that provides automation for various industries through features like deep reporting capabilities and built-in flexibility. Among the most striking features of NetSuite is its cloud-based software for managing business operations. It unifies several aspects of business administration onto a single platform, such as e-commerce, finance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and inventory management.


NetSuite is one of the best ERPs for a range of industry verticals, ranging from media, advertising, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, warehouse and distribution, the food packaging sector, the IT sector, aviation, restaurants and hospitality, fintech, and professional services. 

  • Integrates diverse business functions  
  • Increases operational efficiency of business  
  • Provides a centralized business platform  
  • Improve financial management 
  • Enhance customer relationship and E-commerce 

Why Oracle NetSuite?

We have highlighted some of the benefits of Oracle NetSuite ERP services below. There are many reasons to use Oracle NetSuite ERP services, but its management capabilities are particularly important for improved client functioning and overall management needs.  

  • Swift Financial Close: Simplifies end-of-period tasks into a single center, which speeds up financial closing by 20% to 50%. 
  • Cost Efficiency and Better Finances: Implementing Oracle Netsuite ERP cloud provides better insight into Financial operations, accounting, and budgeting while also lowering IT costs. 
  • Faster Order-to-Cash and Lower Invoicing Expenses: Reduces invoice expenses by 25% to 75% and order-to-cash times by 50%. 
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Audit Prep Time: Slashes audit prep time in half and DSO by 10% to 20%. It will be highly beneficial to manage the expenses.  
  • Simplified Purchasing: Simplifies the administration of purchase orders by automating interdepartmental tasks. 
  • Improved Delivery Time and Quality: Minimizes manufacturing costs and improves on-time delivery by using real-time tracking to schedule production. 

Features of NetSuite

Financial Management

Financial procedures are made more efficient by NetSuite Financial Management, which optimizes them to be finished more quickly. It has substantial income and cost management capabilities and provides a clear, immediate picture of your business's financial situation. Essential elements consist of:  

1. Finance and Accounting: Simplifies financial activities.  

2. Billing and Revenue Recognition: Manages invoicing and income acknowledgment  

3. Financial Planning: Assists in strategizing financial goals and methods.  

4. Financial Reporting: Provides detailed financial performance insights.  

5. Global Accounting and Consolidation: Optimize accounting on a worldwide scale, integrating various financial data. 

6. Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Ensures adherence to regulations and identifies potential risks.

Production Management 

A complete solution for managing each aspect of your company's workflow, from the first sales orders to the complexities of product costing, is offered by NetSuite Production Management. You can make the best decisions possible for your production operations by using the knowledge our system gives you. Its key features are as follows: 

1. Product Data Management: Manages and organizes product-related information. 

2. Work Order Management: Oversees the process of creating and tracking work orders. 

3. Planning and Scheduling: Assists in efficiently organizing production schedules. 

4. Quality Assurance: Ensures the maintenance of product quality standards. 

Supply Chain Management

The goal of NetSuite Supply Chain Management is to simplify complex supply chain problems, including controlling high inventory levels, preventing stock shortages, and handling shipment delays. Utilizing this innovative software makes managing tasks like procurement, production processes, and inventory control more accessible. Its key components are: 

1. Planning: Aids in strategizing supply chain activities. 

2. Execution: Facilitates the implementation of supply chain plans. 

3. Collaboration: Encourages cooperative efforts within the supply chain.  

4. Support: Offers assistance and guidance for supply chain operations. 

Order Management  

Order management makes the process of getting an order to cash flow more efficient. It minimizes errors made by hand and makes it easier to move from placing orders and requesting sales quotes to completing orders, fulfilling orders, sending invoices, and getting paid. Among its essential components are: 

1. Pricing and Promotions: Handles the structuring of pricing strategies and promotional activities.  

2. Sales Order Management: Oversees the processing and tracking of sales orders. 

3. Returns Management: Manages the return and exchange of products.

Procurement Management

Procurement with NetSuite simplifies the acquisition of goods and services, ensuring cost-effectiveness. It also conserves time for your workforce by automating the entire procurement cycle. The process encompasses three key stages: 

1. Source: Identifies and secures necessary resources. 

2. Purchase: Involves the actual process of acquiring goods or services. 

3. Pay: Manages the payment transactions for purchases.

Warehouse Management

You take control of your distribution management when you use NetSuite's Warehouse and Fulfillment. You can customize tactics and make use of cutting-edge solutions for cycle count management, inventory control, and shipping procedures.  Key aspects of this system include: 

1. Outbound Logistics: Manages the dispatch and distribution of goods. 

2. Inbound Logistics: Oversees the receipt and handling of incoming goods.  

3. Inventory Management: Keeps track of stock levels and inventory control. 

4. WMS (Warehouse Management System): A sophisticated system for managing warehouse operations and logistics. 

NetSuite Modules

NetSuite Cloud Accounting Software

The whole NetSuite which includes customer management, order management, eCommerce, HR, and Financial management. It integrates with NetSuite accounting software with ease.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess

Using industry-leading best practices, SuiteSuccess is a tried-and-true method for quick NetSuite setup. It reduces business risks usually associated with online technology projects and offers faster return on investment for NetSuite implementations. It functions as both a product and a methodology.

NetSuite CRM

In addition to managing bids, commissions, sales forecasts, partner relationships, and other things, NetSuite CRM offers features like marketing automation, customer service management, and sales force automation.

SuiteCommerce Advanced

eCommerce and key NetSuite operational systems, including order management, inventory, customer service, and finance, are integrated via SuiteCommerce Advanced. In order to provide individualized and pertinent experiences, this unifies the perspective of customers, orders, inventories, and other crucial company data.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

A unified view of customers, orders, inventories, and other critical business data is provided by SuiteCommerce, which connects eCommerce with the main NetSuite operational systems.

NetSuite Supply Chain Management

In order to guarantee accuracy in the purchase process, NetSuite purchases contacts with suppliers. Production tactics are optimized by the integration of demand planning, inventory management, and predictive analytics. The timely delivery of products is ensured by work orders and routing, which ensure the implementation of supply plans.

Partner with a trusted India NetSuite Solution Provider

At EPIQ, our goal is to make sure that your experience with NetSuite implementation is smooth and meets your business requirements without any hassles. We prioritize understanding your needs before suggesting the most suitable solution. This ensures transparency, and what we commit to, we deliver. 

Whether you opt for quickly deployed pre-configured packages or personalized NetSuite solutions, we’re here to find the perfect match for you. Our team of experts not only possesses proficiency in NetSuite tools and technologies but also comprehends the business aspects associated with the applications. 

The NetSuite cloud applications encompass a range of functionalities such as ERP, CRM, human resources management, supply chain management,  project service automation, eCommerce, analytics, and data sheets.  EPIQ stands as your enduring NetSuite partner, ensuring that the solutions we provide evolve along with the growth of your business.

15+ years of experience

Epiq has been in the industry for more than 15 plus years, implementing NetSuite Cloud successfully to various industries across the globe. Our main emphasis on identifying various issues and tackling business challenges.

Skilled NetSuite consultants

Our NetSuite team has seasoned consultants, developers, data scientists, has a decade work experience and provided excellent service to our clients.

96% client Retention Rate

We value enduring relationships and meaningful partnerships with our clients. Whether we collaborate side by side in India. EPIQ NetSuite consulting services lead to long-term client engagements.

NetSuite Licensing

Proven NetSuite partners skillfully handle the complexities of NetSuite licensing, guaranteeing a customized match for your company. Your NetSuite partner, EPIQ Solutions, ensures best-in-class price structures.

NetSuite Integration/Customization

Professionals on our team create real-time or batch data exchange frameworks and workflow connections to integrate external applications with NetSuite. This meticulous process ensures data accuracy through APIs, connectors, and middleware. Furthermore, we expand NetSuite functionalities through customizations that are both risk-free and resistant to upgrades.

NetSuite Onsite/Offsite Support

EPIQ support services extend towards different layers (L1, L2, and L3), effectively managing the troubleshooting system issues. Your NetSuite implementation will benefit greatly from this approach.

Legacy Data Migration

Our goal is to boost your productivity and optimize data efficiency. We achieve this by extracting crucial information from legacy systems, organizing it into logical hierarchies, and seamlessly migrating the data into the NetSuite environment.

NetSuite Global Localization

Utilizing our extensive global knowledge and a thorough comprehension of localization intricacies, we carry out specialized functions in accordance with local requirements. Our proficiency lies in the efficient localization of NetSuite for diverse local markets, implementing proven tactics and industry best practices.

NetSuite Training/Documentation

In close collaboration with your IT team, we focus on ensuring that stakeholders become well-versed in NetSuite through carefully designed training programs. Our documentation of key insights serves as a valuable reference, while our efforts contribute to the cultivation of internal advocates for successful deployment.

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NetSuite FAQ's: Everything You Need to Know

NetSuite Cloud-Based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a comprehensive business management solution hosted on the cloud. It integrates various modules, including financials, CRM, e-commerce, and more, providing a centralized platform for managing and optimizing core business processes.

Unlike traditional ERP systems that are on-premises and involve substantial upfront costs, NetSuite is cloud-based, offering scalability, accessibility, and flexibility. Users can access NetSuite from any location with an internet connection, and updates are easily managed by NetSuite without requiring manual installations. 

NetSuite covers a broad spectrum of business functionalities, including financial management, CRM, e-commerce, inventory management, HR, and more. These modules are efficiently integrated, providing a unified view of business operations. 

NetSuite ERP demonstrates flexibility by accommodating diverse industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, services, and more. Its adaptable nature suits businesses of varying sizes and across different sectors.


NetSuite takes care of updates and maintenance in the cloud environment, ensuring minimal disruption for users. Updates are rolled out at a few intervals, and businesses do not need to worry about manual intervention or system downtime. 

Yes, NetSuite is scalable and caters to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can take advantage of the freedom to select particular modules according to their requirements and develop as they do, all without having to make significant infrastructure investments. 

Yes, Oracle NetSuite provides integration capabilities through SuiteTalk (web services) and SuiteScript (JavaScript-based scripting language). This enables companies to easily move data between systems by integrating NetSuite with external apps. 

The implementation time for Oracle NetSuite varies depending on the complexity of the organization’s requirements. Small to medium-sized implementations may take a few weeks, while larger, more complex implementations could take several months. The timeframe also depends on factors such as customization and data migration needs. 

NetSuite’s foundational platform encompasses accounting, inventory, order, and tax management. Its modular pricing ensures a cost-effective approach, allowing businesses to acquire necessary modules as per their requirements.

EPIQ has partnered with leading enterprises and emerging startups worldwide, providing tailored NetSuite implementation solutions. This includes advanced customer support and other valuable services.


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