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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Readiness Assessment and
Well-Architected Review

Enhance your Cloud Architecture with Discovery and Evaluation

Cloud Assessment, The First Step Toward A Successful Migration

At EPIQ our solution architect has a vast experience with best industry practices put together to create a comprehensive AWS architect and running system in the cloud. Even sometimes business demands, and workload fluctuate over some time under various circumstances companies assess their cloud architecture utilizing AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment Services. This practice helps the organizations measure their architecture and find new ways for improvement.

Transformation to the cloud is a necessity for the business to stay upfront in competition digitally, transformation to the cloud is a challenging one, one should assess its infrastructure resources, transformation, and migration cost.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, EPIQ has expert consultants who will help you determine if you are ready to move to AWS cloud technology. With our assessment you can quickly become aware of various risks associated with the current environment and your infrastructure review, which steps to be taken to align your resource with AWS infrastructure in Cloud. By utilizing our help, you can develop a cloud model and migration strategy that will help you optimize the AWS cloud for your IT system.

Align with your business strategy.

Alignment of business strategy is vital to achieve your business objective by identifying IT system measures along with infrastructure and operational changes.

Operational Excellence Pillar

Outlines best practices for establishing operational standards, enhancing workflows, reacting to scheduled and unplanned events, monitoring, and efficiently running AWS workloads.

Sustainability Pillar

Design your AWS cloud architecture in accordance with future goals for company sustainability in terms of environment, economy, and society.

Select the Right Technology

To enhance the system performance, you must choose the ideal applications and equipment for the cloud environment.

Reliability Pillar

Concentrate on disaster recovery, availability, resilience, guaranteeing AWS workloads perform their tasks correctly and reliably, and mitigating/recovering from infrastructural or service problems.

Cost Optimization Pillar

It stresses avoiding excessive cloud resource spending by assessing, regulating, monitoring, and making the appropriate expenditures based on the needs and requirements of the organization.

Performance Efficiency Pillar

Instructions for choosing the best resource categories, making optimum use of computing resources, and regularly checking for the best performance across all AWS workloads.

Security Pillar

It emphasizes safeguarding information and computer systems, managing access, spotting security threats, and reducing the effects of security events.

Review to Ensure Performance

To meet client needs, be sure you can re-architecture the systems, data, and applications you migrate to the cloud.

Identify the best strategy.

Depending on the company’s needs, decide whether to shift all your applications to the cloud or to combine an on-premises and cloud plan.

What is involved in an AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment?

Everything is now cloud-based, and while this trend is significant, adopting the cloud is difficult. To reap the full benefits of cloud computing, businesses must first evaluate their IT infrastructure. Your whole game depends on the right assessment of which applications can be moved to the cloud, which will be the initial step of your cloud journey.

EPIQ’s AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment Services will help you in assessing which applications should be migrated to the cloud first and enable the smooth transition to the cloud. Determine which cloud computing model is best for your company and current environment.

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Exploring the technical benefits associated with cloud assessments and AWS Well-architected services

Our AWS Cloud readiness assessment aids in knowing and fully understanding what environment is required and which applications should be migrated to the cloud, when, and how to migrate to ensure a smooth and affordable transition to the Cloud. A highly effective, secure, and dependable architecture provided by EPIQ’s WAR suggestion helped our clients.

Faster Deployment

Utilize automation to speed up deployment while enabling creativity and experimentation with cloud-native designs.

Environment Testing

Environment testing is a great method for finding and decommissioning resources that are not aligned with your goals and adds extra costs.

End-to-End Consultation

From the initial stages of design through operational deployment, our AWS certified engineers manage all the critical components of your cloud architectural requirements.

Reduce Vulnerabilities

Before your applications are put into production, conduct a thorough review of all potential risks and vulnerabilities inside your well-architected infrastructure.

Determine priorities and timelines.

Set deadlines for a gradual migration, aggregate applications, and list free of risk applications for the pilot.

Assess your security needs.

Consider your requirements for network security, resource access, and compliance and governance.

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