EPIQ JD Edwards Managed Service and Support

“Elevate Your JD Edwards Experience: Optimize, and Thrive with EPIQ’s excellent JD Edwards Managed Service!”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Services

Accelerate Innovation and Productivity of your Business Process with AWS DevOps Service.

Transforming Possibilities: DevOps Services by EPIQ

EPIQ DevOps technical experts do detailed analyses of the requirements of clients which is the core principle of our DevOps consulting team to assist you in to transition to DevOps. We are committed to providing our customers with the latest software release and guiding the DevOps process by implementing market best practices.

Extensive Delivery Experience.

EPIQ has more than 10 years of experience in channelizing various applications for the customers business from legacy to agile. Our DevOps consultants emphasize the usage of best CI/CD methods for quality code, quick access time to market, and better maintenance of the system.

Talent Pool

In EPIQ, there is no dearth of talent; our skilled and experienced experts help you in DevOps transformation digitally with the latest technology. Our engineer’s expertise in timely and quality delivery and process orientation while designing various products for our clients

Optimal Integration of Security

Security of the system is our main aspect; we implement various security measures at the first stage of projects hence eliminating the possibility of defects or any error/bugs. It can help the client immensely as they get reduced costs and quick release time to market.

Automation and Monitoring

Our team is committed to end-to-end monitoring. Businesses can fix problems and achieve excellent productivity levels by setting up a DevOps culture. Testing through automation is time and resource saving.

Continue Innovate - EPIQs DevOps Excellence

The EPIQ’s effective AWS DevOps Services takes your company to new heights. This is made possible by the best DevOps techniques that support enhanced software delivery with fewer complications, increased functionality, and consistent decreases in a variety of issues.

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What are the competitive advantages of DevOps?

The efficiency of an organization can be directly influenced by the DevOps technique thanks to improved team cooperation, more employee engagement, and enhanced development prospects. Business can opt for the Devops strategy to deliver faster and enhanced teamwork.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Automate integration facilitates better collaboration between different units and also helps in early detection of errors/bugs.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Ensure regular and dependable releases by simplifying the procedure for delivering code changes to testing or production environments.

Fast time to market

DevOps shortens the time it takes to develop new features and updates, giving businesses an advantage over their competitors.

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