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NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system developed for manufacturing that offers a variety of tools and features for managing diverse manufacturing operations. Numerous organizations all over the globe opt for the NetSuite manufacturing cloud ERP for managing various manufacturing operations such as production, supply chain management, workforce management, and distribution. The system gives producers complete insight into the manufacturing process, helping them to make intelligent decisions based on current information.  

The NetSuite Manufacturing ERP cloud improves efficiency, lowers costs, and boosts customer satisfaction. This is made feasible by the NetSuite ERP system, which is integrated with enterprises’ IT systems. 

Smart Manufacturing Starts Here EPIQ as Your NetSuite ERP Partner

EPIQ as your NetSuite ERP for manufacturing can provide a number of benefits thanks to its  wide range of features and capabilities. EPIQ offers best NetSuite Industry solutions to keep your manufacturing business running the clock with increased high-end productivity.  

EPIQ’s work order management functionality helps you to easily create, track, and manage work orders. You can organize assignments, allocate resources, and track progress to make sure that production is on the right schedule.The success of any manufacturing operations solely depends on robust supply chain management. We are committed to assist your supply chain management and procurement, order management, and supplier vendor coordination. It will eventually aid in the cost cutting and reduction in the lead times. 

For nearly ten years, our focus has been on aiding our client’s manufacturing sectors in their journey toward digital transformation. Serving as a technology partner, EPIQ specializes in offering NetSuite consulting services for a wide range of manufacturing industries. We continuously serve our clients by integrating innovative concepts and technology, drawing on our vast experience. This guarantees that they not only stay up with the rapidly changing digital environment but also prosper in the unstable and constantly shifting market conditions.  

What are the NetSuite Manufacturing Modules

Warehouse Management:

NetSuite’s Warehouse Management system leverages advanced algorithms and automation to optimize the handling of inventory within a facility. It employs barcode scanning, RFID technology, and real-time tracking to enhance accuracy in inventory movements.  

The system integrates with order processing and shipping modules, utilizing intelligent routing algorithms to optimize order fulfillment workflows. Warehouse Management in NetSuite also includes features such as slotting optimization to maximize storage efficiency and cycle counting for real-time inventory accuracy. 

Manufacturing Sales Enablement:

This module facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between sales and manufacturing teams. It integrates customer orders directly into the manufacturing processes, ensuring real-time visibility into order status and production schedules.  

The Manufacturing Sales Enablement segment in NetSuite employs advanced order routing algorithms to optimize production workflows based on customer demand, inventory levels, and manufacturing capacity. It also supports the integration of sales forecasting data to proactively align production capabilities with anticipated demand.

Enterprise & Supply Chain Management:

NetSuite’s Enterprise & Supply Chain Management segment provides a comprehensive suite of tools for end-to-end supply chain visibility and control. It integrates procurement, manufacturing, and distribution processes, optimizing the flow of goods and information.  

The system utilizes demand planning algorithms to forecast future demand, allowing for proactive inventory management. Additionally, it incorporates vendor management features to enhance collaboration with suppliers, optimizing procurement processes and minimizing lead times. 

Product Lifecycle Management:

NetSuite’s Product Lifecycle Management module oversees the entire lifecycle of a product from conceptualization to retirement. It includes tools for collaborative product design, version control, and change management.  

This segment integrates with manufacturing and supply chain modules to ensure seamless transitions between product development, production, and distribution phases. Additionally, it provides traceability features, enabling organizations to track and manage changes, issues, and compliance throughout the product life cycle. 

Inventory Order and Management:

This module focuses on the efficient management of inventory levels and order processing. NetSuite’s Inventory Order and Management segment employs real-time tracking of stock levels, order statuses, and fulfillment processes. 

 It includes features such as automatic reorder points and replenishment algorithms to prevent stockouts and overstock situations. The system also integrates with sales and warehouse management modules to ensure accurate order fulfillment and inventory synchronization across the entire supply chain. 

Functionalities of NetSuite's Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite Manufacturing is an integrated cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution tailored for manufacturing businesses.It facilitates the streamlining of numerous procedures, including order fulfillment, inventory control, and production scheduling. Scalability and real-time data visibility are two of its primary distinctions.  

Co-Managed IT Services – We support internal IT as an extension of your team. This role includes patching, repetitive tasks, one-off services, and special projects. We handle the backend while in-house IT manages everything else.

NetSuite Manufacturing provides robust tools for production planning and scheduling.It helps companies to design precise production schedules based on current supply and demand information, maximizing resource use and reducing downtime.  

Yes, NetSuite Manufacturing is designed to support multi-site and global manufacturing operations. It provides a unified platform for managing multiple locations, ensuring consistency in processes and facilitating global collaboration. 

NetSuite Manufacturing offers advanced inventory management features such as real-time tracking, demand forecasting, and automatic reorder points. It assists companies in maintaining ideal stock levels, cutting down on holding expenses, and preventing shortages. 

NetSuite Manufacturing includes quality control features to monitor and manage product quality throughout the manufacturing process. It also helps businesses comply with industry regulations and standards through built-in tools and reporting capabilities. 

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