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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Services

Elevate Your Business with Our Migration Services for a Seamless Journey to Amazon web service.

Digitally transform your business with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Migration.

Nowadays Big corporations and small-scale businesses are looking for innovative and secure systems to run their business and Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the frontrunner in the race to host more business. There are several benefits attached to the AWS including optimized operational cost.

By utilizing powerful tools provided by the AWS business can scale up their operations and streamline various systems functionality. AWS cloud significantly brings down the cost of infrastructure spending. EPIQ is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) select partner and offers our service in migration to help the customer grow exponentially. 


EPIQ expert consultants provide a great degree of flexibility to customers' business by recommending appropriate EC2 instances. Prior to implementing these instance types, our team of experienced analysts evaluates your needs and makes recommendations for improvement of function that will improve your business' performance and lower costs.

Global support - 24/7/365 application monitoring and support

EPIQ 24/7*365 application and monitoring and support service for AWS Cloud ensures uninterrupted assistance for any queries and deals with various outages and errors. Our reliable help desk is always available to address your queries and is committed to solving customer issues.

Cost Saving

The key benefit of moving to the cloud is the significant cost savings on hardware and maintenance, as well as the removal of the need for on-premises infrastructure. Furthermore, because AWS technologies accelerate many operational tasks, backup procedures, and batch operations, it will be an excellent chance for your company to innovate digitally.


Auto scaling the resources is a vital part of a company's success as it matches the fluctuating demand without hampering performance. Utilizing AWS's robust features on your organization's other apps enables you to track maximum functioning during peak usage periods. Your company can grow beyond what you've ever imagined.

What makes EPIQ the best choice for AWS migration services?

There are many factors you can bank on EPIQ for cloud migration, but some factors are very crucial like security, EPIQ offers top notch quality security including industry standard practices on encryption of data. Our expert has experience utilizing AWS service firewall Manager to protect your organization from any possible cyber-attack, or impeding virus. With a double layer of protection, we ensure that your business process is secured with EPIQ.

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Efficient Minimization of Downtime during AWS Migration Services with EPIQ

We constantly try to minimize downtime, therefore before a migration, we use planning and testing to ensure minimal disruption and a smooth transition to the AWS cloud. Many solutions, such as AWS Cloud Formation, can help you manage resources effectively.

Increased efficiency

Automation process helps you to increase the efficiency of your business process by streamlining various functionalities in AWS cloud.

Testing and Validation

Cloud Readiness Assessment is an essential phase in verifying that the migrated systems are compatible with the new system.

AWS Select Partner

EPIQ is select partner of AWS, offering services to the client over 10+ years.

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