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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud security

AWS Cloud Security: Your Shield in the Digital Frontier

Your infrastructure and data are safeguarded by strong security offered through Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Amazon web Service is no exception, EPIQ always focuses security as its prime aspect when delivering solutions to the customer. Implementation of cloud service is an easy task but ensuring data protection and maintenance of data or information is quite challenging. The data stored in the AWS Cloud should be restricted, carefully monitored, controlled, and secured.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) has various tools and features to secure your sensitive data from potential risks and unwanted exposure. The responsibility solely ascendant upon us, whether AWS cloud implemented effectively or not. We are committed to making sure that the cloud system integrates well with your application and maximum security provided to your data or information.

Best Practices for AWS Cloud Security

Encrypt Data

AWS service managed keys are provided free, but it offers only server-side encryption only. AWS built in features use AES-256-bit encryption. Customers can either develop their own independent encryption infrastructure utilizing the paid-for AWS Key Management Service (KWS) or use a Customer Master Key (CMK).

Backing Up System Data

You should backup your AWS cloud system and data by following 3-2-1 rule, which will make sure one of the backups is on a non-AWS cloud system.

Limit AWS Security Groups

AWS firewall manager and configuration is used to automate configuration of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). In AWS infrastructure network managers are provided access through security groups and only one port should remain open.

Secure Access to Cloud Resources

Amazon allows you a different level of access to cloud resources and applications. The policies should be created according to role. Such policies are used to prevent the usage of weak passwords and recycled passwords.

Unlocking the Layers of AWS Cloud Security?

 The AWS cloud offers a shared responsibility model, to secure its infrastructure and organization should secure its own data by utilizing AWS security tools and functions, the security features contain encryption, private connection, Cross-service transport layer security (TLS), access management, and key management and identity. You can offshore the best possible data security by implementing these measures.

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What is AWS cloud compliance and identity?

One of the important aspects of AWS cloud security services is compliance standards and regulations, the certification of Amazon infrastructure follows compliance standards. But you should remember that whatever you put on amazon infrastructure including deploying workload is not always compliance one. You must adhere to industry standard compliance, to do this use the security tools and features provided by AWS Cloud to enforce security and privacy control.

AWS Cloud Security with Aqua Security

Protect workloads running on Amazon EKS

Prevent unauthorized images from running in your EKS cluster, enforce container immutability, segregation of duties, and network segmentation.

Containerized applications running on AWS Fargate

Integrate Aqua Micro Enforce in various containers to check that workloads running on AWS Fargate are only doing what they are supposed to do and to find hacked or insecure containers.

Protect AWS Lambda Functions

Manage the Lambda Functions by enabling the over-provisioned permissions and roles.

Protect Applications in Runtime

Stop running unauthorized containers in your Fargate, EKS, and ECS environments on Amazon. Create security policies based on the container behavior.

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