Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Solutions

EPIQ is your trusted AWS partner for achieving unprecedented business success.

EPIQ has worked with a variety of industry verticals for over a decade, and it is aware of the challenges involved in maintaining the AWS Cloud architecture. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we are dedicated to assisting our customers with a range of AWS services, such as Cloud Migration, Cost Optimization, Consulting Service, Security, Maintenance, and numerous others.

Leading the Way: Your Premier AWS Service Provider for Business Success

EPIQ is among the top firms that offer AWS solutions with meticulous budgeting, we evaluate the needs of our customers and determine how best to assist them reduce costs by not making unneeded purchases.

When we create Cloud AWS architecture for our customers, we adhere to the business regulatory compliance of the specific areas; this will aid your efforts to establish Amazon Web Service worldwide. By perfectly balancing servers and the cloud, we improve the functionality of your business operation.

AWS Services: Exploring the Business Benefits

Depending on the workload and demands of the business, AWS Cloud enables you to scale up or down the business processes. Cost optimization is a fantastic technique to reduce costs without degrading system performance and boost profits by reallocating resources. You can secure your data and information using the numerous security tools and capabilities that AWS Cloud offers.

AWS has a prominent level of reliability due to its redundant design and service-level agreements (SLAs), which guarantee uptime and the efficient operation of the system.

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