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Data and Analytics

Take advantage of our unrivaled solutions to accelerate corporate growth, and use data analysis and projections to make quick decisions.

Unlocking Potential Through Precision: Mastering Data and Analytics Excellence

Data valuation and analysis of the organization on JD Edwards by EPIQ Analytics. Tracking data growth on an ongoing schedule helps to tackle problems when they turn into bigger problems for the business process. 

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers a number of solutions that enable you to take decisive action about the integrity and quality of your data. Additionally, it helps with database upgrades.   

Data analytics services provided by Amazon Web Service (AWS) are extensive, safe, scalable, and priced. All data analytics requirements are met by AWS analytics services, which also allow businesses of every kind and in all sectors to use data and analyze it to ensure smooth operations.

Is it possible to automate data analytics?

Data analysts can automate and improve business procedures. Automated data analytics refers to the utilization of machines to conduct analytical activities with minimal or no assistance from workers or employees.

Automation is quite a complex procedure: the Basic scripts or lines of code for data analytics tools that perform feature exploration, feature modeling, re-modeling, statistical analysis, and data analytics programs that accomplish these tasks.    


What are the benefits of outsourcing data analytics?

Of Course, you can bring the outsiders help in data analysis and one good example is EPIQ working with its client for more than decade and help the clients organization management and executive to laser focus on other organizational duties.  

Our committed, qualified consultants are knowledgeable about the most recent data analytics methodologies; as a result, they work more effectively, spot patterns, forecast future trends, and improve organizational performance and output.  

Analytics and Business Intelligence

AWS offers resources like the cloud-based analytical application like Amazon Quick Sight. To construct interactive visualizations and carry out data analysis, you can link Quick Sight to your JD Edwards data sources.

Data security and compliance

To help ensure that your JD Edwards data is safe and complies with industry-specific legal standards, JD Edwards and AWS offer strong security features and compliance certifications.

Global Reach

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne instance serves a worldwide user base, AWS's network of data centers could be advantageous.

DevOps Automation

AWS offers DevOps tools and techniques for automation, continuous development, and ongoing delivery (CI/CD) of business processes.

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