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JD Edwards Upgrades and Migration Services

To keep up with today’s new technologies as IoT, Big Data & Analytics and Robotic Process Automation.

JD Edwards Upgrades and Migration Services

Nowadays, everyone is looking for solutions that meet modern-day demand, and this can be achieved by constantly updating services to keep up with recent technological advancements in the business process. The update to the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a need of the hour; you cannot afford to miss the latest updates.

EPIQ’s consultant team helps you mitigate issues regarding the upgrade to the new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne version and migration to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure provides a platform for businesses and a competitive edge over existing competitors.

Professional Assistance

Conglomerates and startups are looking for enhanced functionality with new upgrades in their JD Edwards software, but upgrading is a challenging task. But you can upgrade it with ease with our expert assistance. They help you integrate, upgrade, and migrate to a cloud environment. It is highly beneficial for the clients as it reduces the additional cost of hiring expert technicians.

Security, Performance & ROI

You might argue that the business sector is undergoing a great migration right now as a number of clients switch from JD Edwards to the cloud. They can gain from the two factors working together to provide them with a competitive advantage. Additionally, it enhances performance and security while increasing ROI.

Assessing current requirements and potential outcomes

Our clients come from a variety of industries and are spread across the globe. We evaluate what they should do to satisfy the current demand, assist them in preserving highly valuable resources for future use, and offer future insights on how they can improve their performance.

Client support

Timely help is one of the crucial elements that immediately impacts the outcome or operation of a business process; everything depends on the business's ability to run smoothly. Our support team will be available to you around-the-clock to ensure that all problems are solved quickly.

Migration from JD Edwards to the cloud with EPIQ

Our team of professionals made feasible a flawless migration from JD Edwards to the cloud, from one SQL server to the cloud, from one backend database to another database, and from one operating system to another. As our professionals will walk you through the process, you should not worry about migrating. Our team of experts makes it feasible to switch from one operating system to another.

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Complete Project Management

EPIQ’s basic principles are built on providing complete, reliable solutions, including frequent project updates for different industry verticals. Our JD Edwards Upgrades and Migration Services experts understand how JD Edwards EnterpriseOne functions works for you and will help you through the entire process to meet your business needs. We employ tried-and-true standard procedure for upgrades and migrations, and we inform you of transition plans prior to implementation.

Upgrade for the better

Constantly upgrading to the latest version or migrating to the cloud can help you access enhanced features, security, and fixes for bugs and help you stay ahead of new competitors.

Improving by switching to the cloud

Nowadays, a number of businesses are switching from JD Edwards to the cloud for improved functionality, process management, and security at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

High end solution

EPIQ consultants to provide a fully customizable high-end solution, upgrade, service, and implementation.

Data Security

We ensure the highest security and accuracy of data in the migration of data from one environment to another.

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