Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail

Empowering retail pioneers to drive innovation and customer satisfaction through the versatile capabilities of AWS.
Amazon Web Service (AWS) Retail

To stay in the stiff Competition retailers are looking to scale up digitally to meet the market demand efficiently across the value chain. Setting up a retail business on the cloud is made possible by the revolutionary AWS cloud design. To satisfy customer requests, optimize operations, and enhance the outlook for the retail industry. Using AWS retail services, EPIQ can provide the most advanced solutions to its customers.  

In the retail industry, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the leading service providers.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is nothing but a pioneering service provider in the retail market; no other service has achieved such a feat before. More than 5,000 databases switched from Oracle to AWS. The business saw its operational costs drop by almost 50% and reduced the latency of most critical services by half.

Amazon mainly focused its core principles on competitors, its passion for invention, its commitment to operational excellence, and long-term planning. The retail industry has an edge over competitors since it has profited from many AWS retail standards and policies and helped them expand their businesses.

AWS offers the ultimate features for scaling up retail businesses.

AWS offers various tools and features for retail businesses that will be crucial for their business. The customer-oriented approach of AWS has made a huge impact on the business’s earnings, and there are several features like advanced data insight that will allow the business to know the exact demand for the product by a specific group or a specific type of demand in the particular region. These insights help the retail business select the product or make changes to the inventory according to the customer’s requirements.

AWS takes care of one of the most important aspects of retail business, “customer engagement.” The vitality of retail business growth is to stay updated with customers; interactions with customers are pivotal to developing a healthy relationship with customers, which turns out to be beneficial for the sale and ultimately for the business growth. AWS provides AI chatbots, a customer data platform, and a retail media network.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Services

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