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During Covid pandemic and supply chain disruptions has triggered a seismic shift in the way businesses operate worldwide.  The professional services industry has not been spared from these disruptions.  Professional services organizations (PSOs) now face a multifaceted challenge: retaining a loyal client base, mitigating escalating cost pressures, optimizing skill sets within their workforce, and ensuring efficient and accurate billing practices. 


Compounding these internal hurdles is a hyper-competitive external environment. The influx of new entrants and the intensified rivalry for market share have forced many PSOs to prioritize short-term survival strategies over long-term strategic planning. This reactive approach is unsustainable and hinders the ability of PSOs to capitalize on future growth opportunities. 


NetSuite is a potent remedy, allowing PSOs to handle this sophisticated and ever-changing environment. PSOs can revolutionize their operations and drive sustained success by utilizing NetSuite’s broad portfolio of functions. This will promote resilience in the organization. 

Achieve Operational Excellence in Professional Services with EPIQ's NetSuite Expertise

The professional services domain demands a high degree of operational efficiency to thrive in today’s competitive environment. However, navigating complex business processes and maximizing growth opportunities are challenging undertakings. EPIQ emerged as an indispensable partner, bringing over a decade of experience (since 2013) in providing more efficient NetSuite professional services to aid our clients’ business. Over the previous decade, we have deployed NetSuite solutions to a wide range of industrial verticals.  


EPIQ’s NetSuite experts integrate extensive industry experience with unparalleled NetSuite platform expertise. This formidable mix translates into the ability to meticulously integrate and configure NetSuite precisely according to your unique business requirements.  


The resulting solution provides a solid platform for your organization’s operational excellence and long-term growth. Through implementing EPIQ’s NetSuite solution , you will be able to optimize crucial operations, improve project visibility, and realize NetSuite’s full potential within your professional services organization. This enables you to automate operations, optimize resource allocation, and achieve considerable performance gains. 

What are the NetSuite Professional Services


This pre-configured solution represents the culmination of years of industry experience and best practices.It builds upon the unified NetSuite suite to give a strong foundation for fundamental business processes.SuiteSuccess incorporates a contemporary customer engagement model, fostering a collaborative environment that optimizes business processes from the outset. This approach expedites implementation timelines and ensures a smooth transition to the NetSuite platform. 

Packaged Services:

NetSuite Professional Services offers a comprehensive library of predefined service packages that address common industry requirements. These packages leverage the extensive experience of NetSuite consultants, encompassing best practices gleaned from years of successful implementationsPackaged services encompass functionalities such as customization of existing functionalities, workflow automation, system integrations, and robust planning and budgeting tools. This standardized approach ensures efficient implementation while delivering significant value through optimized workflows and enhanced operational control. 

Custom Services

NetSuite Professional Services provides customized solutions for enterprises with highly complex business processes or specific transactional requirements. Consultants work with clients to build and deploy customized solutions that solve specific difficulties, drawing on their extensive platform knowledge. This personalized approach guarantees that the platform interacts easily with current systems and procedures, maximizing NetSuite’s value proposition within the enterprise. 

Managed Services: 

Regular system maintenance, security updates, and user management and monitoring system performance and implementing adjustments to optimize speed and efficiency.Managed services ensure your NetSuite platform continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, allowing your team to focus on core business activities. This service complements the initial implementation services (SuiteSuccess, Packaged Services, Custom Services) by providing ongoing support and ensuring the long-term success of your NetSuite investment.

Functionalities of NetSuite's Manufacturing

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