Why EPIQ is Your Ideal NetSuite Partner

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Navigating the vast array of features within NetSuite can be overwhelming.  That’s where EPIQ Softech steps in.  We are more than just a NetSuite implementation partner; we are industry specialists.  We understand the nuances of your business sector, from the intricacies of retail point-of-sale systems to the demands of efficient warehouse management in wholesale distribution. 


Beyond retail, EPIQ Softech assists corporations in a variety of industries. Service management firms can benefit from our mobile application, which extends NetSuite’s capabilities to the field. EPIQ is a user-friendly tool that boosts your service team’s efficiency by enabling them to easily manage customer interactions and tasks. 


In the wholesale and distribution industry, we can unlock the full potential of NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) features.  This translates to optimized inventory control, simplified order fulfillment, and a more efficient warehouse operation overall.  We also offer the Wholesale and Distribution Bundle, a pre-configured package containing essential functionalities tailored to the specific needs of wholesalers and distributors. 

Partnering with EPIQ Softech provides you with a team devoted to your success. We use our industry knowledge and proven NetSuite deployment processes to develop an individualized approach that maximizes the value of your Cloud ERP investment. Let us help you realize NetSuite’s full potential and move your business ahead. 


Deep Understanding of NetSuite: 


EPIQ has been a certified NetSuite Solution Provider for over a decade. This extensive experience translates into a thorough grasp of NetSuite’s functionalities, both strengths and areas for potential improvement. Moreover, our organization boasts a successful history of implementing NetSuite for diverse businesses across various industries. This track record demonstrates their ability to adapt NetSuite to your specific needs. 


Customized Solutions for Your Industry  


EPIQ has an extensive understanding of several industries, including e-commerce retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and professional services. Our team of NetSuite experts understands the unique challenges and workflows specific to your industry. 

EPIQ goes beyond the basic NetSuite implementation. They can extend the platform’s functionalities using industry-specific solutions and integrations. For example, they offer customized solutions for Entertainment business, by retail POS systems and e-commerce platforms. 

EPIQ company offers expert NetSuite implementation and customization services to fit the unique needs of various industry sectors. Here’s a breakdown of how we can help: 


Retail Industry: 


Enhanced Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems: We create custom solutions that work seamlessly with your existing POS systems, improving efficiency and data flow. 

Expanded Sales Channels: Go beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores. We can configure and customize NetSuite to integrate with e-commerce platforms like SuiteCommerce Advanced or Shopify, allowing you to sell online and reach a wider audience. 

Industry-Specific Bundles: We offer pre-configured NetSuite packages specifically designed for retail businesses. These bundles, like the Retail Bundle, Retail F&B Bundle, and E-commerce Bundle, can get you started quickly with the features most relevant to your retail operations.


Service Management Companies: 


Mobile Customer Service Management: Our proprietary mobile application, extends NetSuite’s capabilities to manage customer service in the field. This empowers your service team with a user-friendly mobile tool to handle day-to-day tasks efficiently, improving overall productivity. 


Wholesale and Distribution Companies: 


Warehouse Management Optimization: We can leverage NetSuite’s robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) features to optimize your warehouse operations. This includes efficient inventory control, order fulfillment, and overall warehouse management processes. 

Industry-Specific Bundle: The Wholesale and Distribution Bundle provides a pre-configured NetSuite package specifically tailored to the needs of wholesalers and distributors. This bundle includes essential functionalities to simplify your operations and boost efficiency. 


In-House Development and Integration Capabilities: 


EPIQ has a skilled development team that can create custom solutions and integrations to address your specific manufacturing needs. This allows for a perfect fit between NetSuite and your existing business processes. 

EPIQ can smoothly integrate NetSuite with a variety of apps using platforms, ensuring smooth data flow and removing data redundancy within your organization. 


Comprehensive Implementation Support: 


End-to-End Support: EPIQ offers comprehensive support throughout your entire NetSuite journey. This includes discovery and planning, design, development, deployment, and ongoing support. They walk beside you at every stage, ensuring a smooth transition. 

Global Reach: EPIQ is a global company with clients worldwide. This experience allows them to adapt to diverse business cultures and time zones, ensuring effective communication and project management. 


Competitive Pricing and User-Centric Approach:


Value-Driven Pricing: EPIQ understands the importance of cost-effectiveness. While their pricing is competitive, they emphasize choosing a partner based on expertise and experience, not just cost. 

Focus on User Adoption: EPIQ recognizes the importance of user buy-in for successful implementation. They actively engage users throughout the process, ensuring they feel comfortable and prepared for the new system. 


Guaranteed Success: 


Proven Success Rate: EPIQ boasts a 100% success rate in NetSuite implementations. This confidence stems from their deep understanding of the platform and their commitment to project success. 


Case Studies: EPIQ provides case studies showcasing their successful implementations across various industries. These real-world examples demonstrate their ability to deliver tangible results for businesses like yours. 


EPIQ Softech as your NetSuite partner, can gain a team with extensive experience, industry knowledge, and a dedication to user satisfaction. Their complete support, development capabilities, and emphasis on user acceptance assure a smooth implementation and a high return on your NetSuite investment.  

Visit the website ( to explore successful case studies and learn more about how EPIQ Softech can help your business thrive.