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All Care Therapies is a renowned clinic service in the United States that provides modern physical and speech therapy. In the last 14 years, the organization has developed individualized and comprehensive programs and serviced thousands of patients. All Care Therapies headquarters are based in California.

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Challenges faced by All Care Therapies

All Care Therapies uses AWS IaaS as the application’s backbone for flawless operations of their business processes. As the business grew manifold, they faced many challenges, like efficient management of their AWS resources, ensuring system security, and monitoring performance.

  1. Patch Management:
  • Managing monthly OS patching for their large fleet of EC2 instances was becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming.
  • They needed a streamlined solution to ensure that all instances were up-to-date with security patches and updates.
  1. Access Management:
  • All the production and non-production servers were residing under the same account, and all the users had access to all the servers.
  • They need comprehensive access management to restrict access to the servers.
  1. Performance Monitoring:
  • The lack of a centralized monitoring system made it difficult to identify and respond to performance issues in real time.
  • They needed a solution to proactively monitor CPU, storage, network, and RAM utilization across their instances.
  1. Overhead costs:

The cost of the AWS infrastructure was growing, and All Care Therapies was looking for stringent processes to minimize the cost while nurturing enhancement and improving user satisfaction.

Solution provided by EPIQ

To address these challenges, All Care Therapies has opted for EPIQ’s AWS managed services. EPIQ’s architect team had a detailed evaluation of the existing infrastructure, application behavior, and usage pattern and implemented a set of automated, streamlined options tasks to overcome these challenges:

  1. Multi-account strategies:
  • EPIQ has helped all care therapies create multiple accounts based on the usage category (Dev, Stag, and Prod).
  • Setup SCP and other guardrails to restrict access to specific accounts.
  • Under each account, the servers are in private and public subnets to minimize exposure to the internet and enhance security.
  1. Monthly EC2 OS Patching:
  • AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager was implemented to automate the patch management process.
  • EPIQ defined the patch baselines and defined maintenance windows to control when patches are applied.
  • Define a sufficient time duration to test the patch and its impact on non-production, thereby minimizing the unforeseen situation in production.
  • The solution ensured that all EC2 instances were regularly patched with the latest updates, enhancing system security and compliance.
  1. Performance Monitoring:
  • AWS CloudWatch was employed to set up custom metrics and alarms for monitoring CPU, storage, network, and RAM utilization.
  • Configured the alert thresholds to receive notifications when resource utilization exceeded defined limits.
  • This initiative-taking monitoring allowed them to identify and address performance bottlenecks swiftly, ensuring optimal system performance.
  1. Tagging Policy:
  • Implemented the industry standard tagging policies and put guardrails in place to ensure the required tags were assigned at the time of resource creation.
  • With the help of the cost explorer, cloud watch dashboard, budget, and cost allocation tag, All Care Therapies was not only able to get valuable insight for the cost bifurcations but also reduced the cloud infrastructure cost by buying the RI, saving on the savings plan, and shutting down the instances off-hours.
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