The AMS group of companies is a leading Marine, Oil and Gas services company offering a full suite of engineering services encompassing Piping, Steelworks & Afloat Repair.

about The AMS group

The AMS group of enterprises, with its headquarters in Upper Jurong Road, Singapore, is a leading Marine, Oil & Gas services provider that provides a full range of engineering services, including piping, steelworks, heat exchangers, the supply of spare parts, and consulting.

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The Challenge

The AMS Group faced a wide range of complicated difficulties that significantly reduced its operational effectiveness. One of the biggest problems was the sheer number of applications, which regularly resulted in errors, delays, and inaccurate inventory counts. These problems not only reduced production but also dramatically raised employee expenditures.

The company realized that a Tier-2 ERP system with advanced capabilities was urgently needed to address this issue. Tier-2 ERP solutions are the most viable option for their complex operations.

Solution provided by EPIQ

The AMS Group’s use of EPIQ’s technology is an important change in terms of operational effectiveness and adaptability. The AMS Group’s daily operations have been simplified by EPIQ, which offers an integrated suite that combines financial reporting, procurement, inventory management, and store operations into a single, simple system. In addition, EPIQ has given the AMS Group a thorough understanding of their competitive environment.

Data accuracy is enhanced, and the complexity associated with managing disparate systems is significantly reduced by implementing this integrated approach.

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The Results

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